Renegade Saints

Fast. Funny. MADE UP.


We perform monthly at the Mr Pickwick in Geneva. We also perform one-off shows around Europe, including private parties, festivals and corporate events.


We offer a range of courses for people who want to learn more about improv. There are different courses for different levels of improv experience


We work with companies and organizations, offering tailor-made training to help improve team building, communication and creative thinking.

About US

Renegade Saints

Renegade Saints are a many-headed beast from all over the world, brought together by the vicissitudes of fate in Geneva, where they started being funny together in 2013. Blending a range of backgrounds in typically Genevan international community style, they performed their first show together in 2014, and now perform regularly in the city, mainly at the wonderfully helpful Mr Pickwick pub, but also private shows, workshops and various other occasions.


    Monthly shows in Geneva, at festivals worldwide, and at private parties


    Teaching the techniques of improvisation in a fun, supportive environment


    Delivering results for business, building from the principles of improvisation

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