September 13, 2017


Why do improv?

There are so many reasons why different people do improv. Some of us find it is a way to challenge ourselves creatively. Some of us just love staying on our toes; pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones.

We might be working towards personal or career-based goals. We might be actors, working on ways to develop characters. Some of us might have no theatrical background at all, and simply use this as a way to build confidence speaking in front of big groups; to work on vocal projection. Some of us think it's a pretty awesome way to meet cool people that have a go-getting and positive attitude to life.

For something that's made up, there's a couple of rules about improv that you'll always learn on your first lesson.

We make our partners look good. It's a supportive environment where we are all here to learn, no matter how much or how little improv we've practiced in the past. We're all about the positivity here.

We say "Yes and ..." We add to each other's narrative. We accept and we compliment to build a scene together.

Now that you know the rules, there are no rules...

Saints class

April 2018 classes

More classes coming soon! We aim to provide improv classes for beginners and more advanced performers at least twice a year.

Meanwhile, we keep hosting our monthly drop-ins. The next one will be on june 24th. Details and singups here!

If you are interested in improv training for your business/corporate needs, have a look here.

Summer drop-ins

When the sun is out, sometimes we're lucky enough to go and do improv in the park. We hold regular drop-ins throughout the summer, and they're an ideal opportunity to try improv yourself without any commitment to signing up to multiple classes. Come along, give it a go. Be bold and say "yes and..."



You'll most often find us at:

Le Multatuli
Rue de Montbrillant 16,
1201 Geneva

Le Multatuli - GoogleImage to be replaced

Mr Pickwick Pub
Rue de Lausanne 80
1202 Geneva

Mr Pickwick

Château Banquet
Rue de Lausanne 94,
1202 Geneva