September 13, 2017


Why do improv?

There are so many reasons why different people do improv. Some of us find it is a way to challenge ourselves creatively; some of us just love staying on our toes; some of us want to push ourselves out of our comfort zones.

We might be working towards personal or career-based goals. We might be actors, working on ways to develop characters. We might be businesspeople who want to use improv as a way to build confidence speaking in front of big groups. Some of us think it's a pretty awesome way to meet cool people that have a go-getting and positive attitude to life.

For something that's made up, there's a couple of rules about improv that you'll always learn on your first lesson.

We make our partners look good. It's a supportive environment where we are all here to learn, no matter how much or how little improv we've practiced in the past. We're all about the positivity here.

We say "Yes and ...". We accept what our partners offer and add to it with our own ideas. In this way, we build a scene together.

Saints class

 Special Open Workshop on Saturday, 17 November 2018!

We're excited to share our first open improv workshop of the 2018-2019 season with Josh Telson from the Comedy Café Berlin (CCB). Josh is a professional improvisor / actor / comedian / teacher and co-founder of the CCB. (He's also a great guy.) And he and is coming to Geneva to work with the Renegade Saints and teach one - ONE! - public workshop. The Renegade Saints twice went to Berlin to check out CCB and were blown away by talent and hilarity of these amazing improvisors. We're pumped to have Josh here!

The workshop

The focus of the workshop is long form improv. We’ll explore patient, truthful play and discover ways to create characters, scenes and plots. We’ll also touch on various long forms (The Monoscene, Armando, The Harold), all in an engaging 3-hour workshop!

Space is limited, so register here!

We look forward to seeing you and Josh on 17 November!

Josh Telson

Next classes

Our improv classes for October 2018 are already underway. We have another entry-level class starting in November. If you have never taken an improv class before, this is the one you want! Classes will be held on four consecutive Tuesdays (6, 13, 20 and 27 November) from 19:00 to 20:30. Classes will be held at 94 rue de Lausanne in Geneva. The cost is only CHF 100.

Spaces fill up fast. Please visit this link to sign up.

In addition to classes, we offer improv workshops for companies and organizations. If you are interested in learning more about how improv training is tremendously beneficial for teams at work, have a look here.

Testimonials from our students

I fully recommend this class to anyone wanting to explore improv for the first time. There are plenty of opportunities to get out of your comfort zone with fun games and scene building.

I had so much fun each week! I recommend this improv class for anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone and dare to let their creativity flow.

Before the first class, I was feeling a bit nervous as I thought I would be 'put on the spot' but the teacher actually created a very safe and supportive environment. She helped us progressively switch to 'Improv Mode' and trusting our own creativity. The exercises were funny and the premises were easy to reach, so I recommend this course for anyone wishing to discover improv theatre.

The class was fun! The lessons built on each other well in a gentle and encouraging environment. Four weeks was just right for a taster and it left me wanting more!


Once a month, some of the Renegade Saints will be hanging out at the Mr Pickwick Pub (80 rue de Lausanne in Geneva) on a Sunday from 11:00-13:00. Come on out and join us for some fun improv games!

We’ll do a variety of improv exercises and play a number of games, guaranteed to make you crack a smile. Come along and improvise with us. All levels of experience are welcome!

There is no charge (though any contributions at the end are most welcome). However, places are limited so sign up on Eventbrite or Glocals quick!

Here is the Drop-in schedule for the rest of the Renegade Saints performing season:

  • Exceptionally, there will be no November drop-in.
  • 2 December 2018
  • 20 January 2019
  • 24 February 2019
  • 24 March 2019
  • 21 April 2019
  • 19 May 2019
  • 23 June 2019

Class Locations

You'll most often find us at:

Le Multatuli
Rue de Montbrillant 16,
1201 Geneva

Le Multatuli - GoogleImage to be replaced

Mr Pickwick Pub
Rue de Lausanne 80
1202 Geneva

Mr Pickwick

Château Banquet
Rue de Lausanne 94,
1202 Geneva