September 7, 2017


Why do improv?

Life doesn’t come with a script. Sometimes, you have to improvise.

Improvisational comedy or “improv” is fast, fun and unpredictable. People end up exploring ideas they were not even thinking of just moments earlier. The results are spontaneous and and often hilarious. Yet there is a serious side to improv. 

Improv teaches important skills such as quick thinking, cooperation, active listening, creativity and leadership. When these skills are applied in business, great things can happen; it is no longer “business as usual.” Indeed, improv is now taught at leading business schools and companies around the world.

Comic legend Bill Murray has described improv as "The most important group work since they built the pyramids." Solutions come when people support each other and work together. The principles of improv are relevant for personal and professional development and can help people become better leaders, managers, colleagues and speakers.

Improv principles can be applied to the working world for personal development, team building, creativity and more. While you and your team have fun, you will also learn how to be  help you and your team to be more open, constructive, confident and creative. 


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'Finishing the year on a high, we had an inspirational Fongit:Force workshop, ran by the Renegade Saints! The team lever their experience in improv theatre to facilitate truly engaging workshops on innovation and team dynamics. Our attendees said that they gained more insights in 45 minutes than in 4.5 years of reading. Want to innovate better and enhance your teamwork skills? Opt for the 'yes and' method during creative phases, listen actively & finally remember to understand your colleagues goals. You can learn more here.'

Fongit Newsletter

“The energy and inspiration you gave us carried us well through the afternoon, and key learnings and takeaways from the workshop turned into important red threads in our discussions. ... I will also spread the word in our organization of the wonderful work you do as I am convinced there are many others that would benefit from similar workshops.”

Seb, World Economic Forum

“The improv session was a great learning experience and left me hungry for more! Could you send me the exercises that we learned during the day? I would like to incorporate some into our next TEDxTrondheim meetings. Thanks!”

Laura, TEDx Organizer and workshop participant

“THANK YOU ALL!!! Thank you for a really waonderful performance followed by a great workshop. The students found it inspiring and so very helpful. My only critique is that I wish we had you for more time ... Wishing you all continued success and thank you all again for your positive and fun energy!”

Sherri, secondary school teacher

“The course totally met and also sometimes exceeded my expectations. I wanted an opportunity to allow me to learn to think on my feet and to be able to grow confidence on speaking and acting in public which I did.”

Crina, student in Renegade Saints improv class

'Where and how else in Geneva are you guaranteed to laugh your head off, learn, meet fantabulous peeps, and say ‘yes, and’ to things you couldn't possibly imagine? I loved the classes and am looking forward to the next round of classes. The teachers are amaze­balls and create a fantastic environment and structured learning ladder to draw out your inner inventive comic. Sign up for improv classes with the Renegade Saints. Stop thinking about it. Of course you can improv.' ­

Workshop student

“Fantastic fun, and a great transferable skill I'll carry with me through life”

Student in Renegade Saints Intro to Improv Class