August 20, 2017

Daire O’Doherty

Having reluctantly given up on being a child prodigy, Daire settled on simply being childish and hasn’t looked back since. His first foray into the world of performance was in a dusty basement in University College Dublin. He played a red-headed Irishman in what critics called "a serious stretch of his acting skills". Since then, he has gone on to tread the boards, with(?) or without a script, more often than his Masters degree in Computer Science, Networking & Security would normally permit.

Since his ascension to Saintly heights, following his internship in the group as “random guitar guy”, Daire has impressed the improv world with his on-stage belly laugh and has managed to convince his fellow Saints that “Janine” is the perfect, multi-purpose character name. When not being childish on stage, Daire pays his bills by working as a Software Architect (now there’s a conversation killer!)

Daire O'Doherty