March 27, 2019

Full Client Testimonials

We didn’t quite know what to expect from the improvisation workshop offered by the Renegade Saints at our recent offsite, but they delivered beyond our expectations. Over two days, they introduced groups of up to 40 people to techniques drawn from improvisational theatre known to be effective team-building exercises. A post-event survey showed that this workshop was the most appreciated event of the entire offsite. The Renegade Saints were an example of effectiveness and professionalism, and I can recommend them without reservation.

David Lindelöf, Director of Data Science, Expedia Group

We contacted the Renegade Saints in June 2018 and we embarked on the preparation of the workshop together. Our desired focus was cross functional collaboration and communication. We wanted our 140 employees to be active, physically experience a new way of thinking about communication and work together. In addition we wanted them to discover the notion of “having each other’s backs” and how to establish a solution focused dialogue to get to quicker and better results.

The feedback was unanimous and the energy and engagement was palpable in the room. Two months on, our employees are still talking about it and the common language around “Yes and” and “I've got your back” has become part of their staple dialogue.

All the Renegade Saints crew were professional, smiley and engaging throughout. The preparation of the workshop with them was seamless and they were a joy to work with. They followed through 100% on their commitment. The IRU team was delighted by the outcome and the cherry on the cake was a closing inspirational speech which was relevant, powerful and impactful for all at IRU.

We cannot recommend Renegade Saints highly enough. If you would like to stimulate your team to work more closely together, laugh and gain in confidence, and make important and quick communication skills discoveries, you should contact them immediately.

We now feel ready to embark on our strategic journey. Our team is engaged and motivated to achieve the 2019 objectives ahead. Thank you, Renegade Saints!

Katie Klein, Associate Director – Human Resources and Christine Poletti, Associate Director – Comms & Events, International Road Transport Union (IRU)

The energy and inspiration you gave us carried us well through the afternoon, and key learnings and takeaways from the workshop turned into important red threads in our discussions. ... I am convinced there are many others who would benefit from similar workshops.

Sebastian Buckup, Head of Programming, World Economic Forum

Logitech Switzerland has been collaborating with the Renegade Saints team over the last 18 months as we run training sessions on Design Thinking with our colleagues. These Design Thinking workshops are about opening the minds of our multifunctional teams to more creative ways of working together in teams. Time is precious and we need to create strong working relationships between people who have never met before, fast. So, we invest two hours in Improv training to kick off the workshop; this is where the Renegade Saints come in.

The Renegade Saints have done an amazing job in coming up with a great program to meet our needs and they have executed it brilliantly every time. Cherry on the cake: everyone has lots of fun too. The energy and connection between the members of the Renegade Saints has been consistently impressive. The quality, energy levels and professionalism they have brought to every session has been spot on.

The value that the Renegade Saints bring is fantastic. I thoroughly recommend to other businesses to use them to warm up any team event and drive a great sense of fun, trust and support among colleagues.

Vicky Nef, Global Head of Consumer Insights, Logitech

The Renegade Saints perfectly understood our needs for our event on International Women’s Day. Their contribution to our evening was key to transport the participants into a different mindset. The exercises were well chosen, aimed at getting everyone engaged, making new connections and just having fun on a Friday night!

Julia Borkenhagen, Women in Digital Switzerland

Your improv workshop hit the nail on the head in terms of all of the communications areas that one needs to be aware of at work. Absolutely every single element of it can be applied in business. It makes you realize how to perform as a team through understanding your communications better.

The Renegade Saints philosophy of 'I've got your back' is so important. If a team worked like that, and everyone had each other's back, the results would be extraordinary!

Wendy Redford, Human Resources Business Partner, Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV)

Thinking about thinking on your feet? Becoming a better communicator? Getting in touch with your creative side? The Renegade Saints led us through a fun and laugh-filled morning where we did all of this. Some approached the training with trepidation, others with curiosity and some just came along for the nice lunch that was to follow. But everyone came away energised and excited. I highly recommend it.

Vinit Rishi, Director of Administration, Oak Foundation

We brought the Renegade Saints to help us film an important communications video and they took it to another level with their professionalism and creativity. They not only delivered convincing and nuanced performances, they also helped us improve the script on the fly with constructive suggestions. My team was delighted with the results. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Milos Maricic, Communications Department, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Simply amazing and very useful.
Very interesting and lots of fun, with many insights into human behaviour.
It was a new, fun and constructive way to know each other better.

Members of Sophia Genetics

The Renegade Saints lever their experience in improv theatre to facilitate truly engaging workshops on innovation and team dynamics. Our attendees said that they gained more insights in 45 minutes than in 4.5 years of reading.

James Miners, Senior Adviser, Fongit