August 24, 2017


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Come on out and see us! A fast, funny improv show awaits! You decide where the scenes take place, who we are, what is happening and we perform sketches right on the spot without and preparation. And all for your entertainment. So come join us. It's a lot of fun!

Our Next Show! 

Our next show will be on Thursday, 14 February 2019 (♥️ ♥️ Valentine's Day♥️ ♥️ )  at the Mr Pickwick Pub at 80 Rue de Lausanne in Geneva.

If you're going, or just interested, let us know on our Facebook page. You can also get more information on Glocals. Hope to see you there!



Thanks for the wonderful show! OMG! I laughed my head off! 🙂


You guuuuuys! Such an amazing show tonight. I’m so glad I could make it. Laughed so much and for all the right reasons.


I was so energised from laughing at you all as I walked home. You guys should open a health club and just project reruns on the wall. It’d make a killing.


Very impressive! Good to see Geneva very much keeping the arts alive.



Improv theatre showed me a completely different method of storytelling. It was fresh, spontaneous and instantaneous, but best of all it dramatized the connection between listening, language and interpretation.

Helen Patuck, by Helen Patuck, Opening Lines

If you’ve had a long week, if you’ve had a bad day, if you need to unwind or simply drink a beer take a chance and don’t think twice.

Big Nite Out by Jaira Guevara, My Big Geneva

Some people call us an improvised theatre group, I’d call us a little stage-family of performing fools who don’t mind looking silly for the sake of entertainment.

Living in the Moment by Katt Cullen, World Radio Switzerland
Another full house!