October 28, 2019

Past Events

23-27 October 2019 - Anděl Sudik from Second City Chicago 

Andel Sudek

Join us for an open workshop with our first guest trainer of the season, Anděl Sudik from Second City in Chicago!

The Renegade Saints were excited to continue their tradition of bringing the highest quality improv trainers to Geneva. Our first improv trainer of the 2019-2020 season was Anděl Sudik from Second City Training Center in Chicago and Los Angeles.

We were pumped to welcome Anděl for some open workshops for the Geneva improv community. Anděl's wealth of knowledge and experience in performing and teaching sketch, improv and theatre is a treasure trove that we can't wait to tap into and share with you all.

The three workshops were (1) Committed Character, Committed Scene, (2) The Two-Person Scene and (3) Improv to Sketch Writing.