August 20, 2017

Sam Al-Hamdani

Sam Al-Hamdani is either a renaissance man, or chronically indecisive about careers. He currently works as a graphic designer, editor, politician, property developer, improviser, actor, web designer and probably much more.

He first started training as an improviser in 2004, when he was left on stage by a fellow actor who decided it was better to walk off stage than take a prompt. He has been performing professionally since performing with ComedySportz at the Edinburgh Festival in 2008, and he has been teaching and performing with the troupe ever since.

He has been with the Renegade Saints since they formed. He is currently on the diversity and inclusiveness committee for both CSz and the Applied Improv Network, and believes passionately in the capacity of improv to create opportunities for people, and for people to create opportunities for improv.

Sam Ham
Sam Al-Hamdani
Designer, photographer, writer, improviser, director. Professionally makes things happen.
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