March 22, 2019

Special Events

What special things are the Renegade Saints up to?

Although we have a busy schedule with regular performances at the Mr Pickwick Pub in Geneva, running classes and drop-ins, and working with corporations and organizations to help them discover the benefits of improv, we also get involved in other events from time to time. This page will keep you up to date on those events.

Polyglots! A bilingual improv show!


Please note the show that was scheduled for 27 March has been cancelled because of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation. The 2 May show is still scheduled to take place. We will keep you posted as events evolve.

After their success last November at Fête du Théâtre, the Polyglots are back! On 2 May, at Théâtre Le Caveau, Saints Daire, Katt, Pablo and Viki will join forces with local improvisers Christian Baumann, Laure Piguet, Lia Leveillé Mettral and Paul Berrocal in this new, improved, awesome edition of the Polyglots Show!

Il n'y a no script. Sur scène, nobody ne sait what will se passer. Vous suggest les themes and la comedy prend vie right sous vos yeux! Watch us make up stuff — en plusieurs langues. You'll laugh, nous allons rire, the world will be a slightly better place et le monde deviendra meilleur.

If you think you might be a little bit lost trying to follow a multilingual show because you're not a consummate linguist, fear not. Neither are we. But we've got your back. You are going to love it. 

Just one thing, we strongly recommend that you buy your tickets in advance by clicking here.

See you soon! A bientôt!