March 22, 2019

Special Events

What special things are the Renegade Saints up to?

Although we have a busy schedule with regular performances at the Mr Pickwick Pub in Geneva, running classes and drop-ins, and working with corporations and organizations to help them discover the benefits of improv, we also get involved in other events from time to time. This page will keep you up to date on those events.

Tram'Drames - A trip on a tram to discover Geneva's worst criminals

"Crime doesn't just flourish in Paris. Here in our villages, we've also had some beautiful murders."

- Georges Brassens 

Geneva might not be Paris either, but we have had our share of grisly tales. And this June and September, you can learn all about them while taking an unforgettable ride on a tram through the streets of Geneva.

The Renegade Saints are collaborating with Tram'Drames to take you on a journey that exposes the strange, unusual and criminal history of Geneva. From 12-30 June and 11-29 days in September, you can ride a refurbished historical Geneva tram, sip champagne and be regaled by actors who will perform scenes, recite facts and play games. Be prepared for an immersive experience.

Most days, the performances will be in French, but on six days in June and six days in September, performances will be in English. If you're bilingual, try one of each! And did we mention that two of our Saints will be riding the tram with you? Yes, Viki and Daire will be along for the ride.

Full details of dates, times, locations, price and more can be found on the Tram'Drames website. We wish you a frighteningly ghoulish time.