February 14, 2018

Creativity Workshop

All too often, it feels like our creative minds are stifled at work. We find ourselves doing the same things, following the same routines and being stuck in a rut. What’s more, sometimes we don’t even realize that we’ve fallen into these patterns. The result is less motivation and lower productivity, and that’s not good for you, your team, or the organization as a whole.

Improv can help you break out of such patterns and unleash your team’s creative potential. In a series of carefully crafted exercises, team members will learn how to defeat creativity’s greatest enemy: self-censorship. We often dismiss our greatest ideas because of an innate fear that they are unworkable, unrealistic or just plain crazy. We are afraid that that we will look foolish by expressing them.

Our workshop will teach you and your team how to silence that inner critic. You will learn how trying and failing is to be embraced, because failure is an almost necessary step on the way to success. Above all, you will discover that the most brilliant ideas can emerge from just letting go.

As a stand-alone activity, this workshop will provide participants with new insights into creative thinking. As part of a one-day or multi-day retreat, this workshop can be tailored to set the tone for the retreat, or to serve as a stress-release after a long day thinking, training, and planning.

Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Join us for a fun, intelligent and creative workshop.


  • break patterns of behaviour to develop new ideas
  • demonstrate innovation in practice
  • experience the power of your imagination

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